The Six Stages of Transformation

Whether you are going through change, wish to create change or a messenger of change, encountering these six stages of the transformation cycle will accelerate a positive transition toward your destined life.  We all have a destiny.  Sometimes life takes us on different paths and we forget what we came here to accomplish.  When change occurs in our lives, it shakes us, awakens us and reminds us why we are here. Pay attention to the shifting sands of change, there is a message every time.  It’s when we ignore the process do we fall into a pattern of repeated circumstances.

Following the 6 Stages of Transformation will never fail you in discovering your true purpose, or at the very least, the gift each change delivers.

Embrace Change…embrace the possibilities!


Power Up People!

Angel Carlton, Change Consultant & Transformation Specialist

Author: Wisdom for Wayshowers

A support system that empowers individuals, groups and professionals to thrive while navigating our ever-changing world so that positive outcomes are established for the good of all. We aim to inspire, motivate and awaken the potential within each person so that awareness and expansive intelligence, be it emotional, spiritual or psychological, become a natural way of life. In other words, use this thing called change to become your best self! We exist to nurture the greatness within people, propel global-centric business practices and generate stronger communities by developing confident, capable and compassionate leaders. We accomplish this through offering world-class, professionally instructed, live and online leadership training, life empowerment programs and transformational coaching. We share enlightened perspectives, introduce best practices and provide valuable resources. Our coaching and training programs provide a safe space that encourages growth and activates self-motivating abilities so that one can boldly step onto the path of personal power and purpose. Our vision is to build a bridge from ones harmful ways of thinking to a holistic way of being. We believe building an infrastructure that serves the well-being of all people will create a more harmonious existence for humanity, encourage healthier relationships and enable our future generations to thrive.

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