When we were children, we believed in super HEROES, special POWERS and unlimited POTENTIAL. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what happened to those EMPOWERING beliefs?  When did LIFE become the villain and start kicking us around?!

Somewhere along our JOURNEY, we tossed our capes and tiaras aside, and like the effects of Kryptonite on Superman, we lost sight of our VISION, our DREAMS faded, our PERSPECTIVE skewed and somehow the demands of society influenced our life’s PURPOSE causing us to suppress our natural GIFTS and stifle our IMAGINATION….Well, I’ve got two very powerful words to follow that statement up with…UNTIL NOW!

By nature, I am a CHEERLEADER rooting for the spiritually-curious, success-driven and those inspired by SOULFUL living.  A unique and AUTHENTIC perspective creates a BRIDGE of understanding from the listless, stagnant and unfulfilled NOWHERE place in life to that curious, certain and LIBERATING place of KNOWING.  I’ve experienced both places and found a few shortcuts along the way.  Consider this blog your vehicle to get your super human powers back.

A corporate trainer by trade and SPIRITUAL enthusiast by choice, the POWER UP PEOPLE POST shares a variety of valuable life strategies, applicable leadership philosophies and adaptable new-thought ideas that create a more COHESIVE workplace, meaningful RELATIONSHIPS and deliberate personal GROWTH. All with the sole, or SOUL, purpose of helping you CREATE the life you were DESTINED to live.

All TRANSFORMATION begins first with SELF-AWARENESS, a deep-seeded resonance, perhaps a LIFE-ALTERING epiphany that when emotionally-charged, propels us toward sustainable CHANGE.  This, my spirited crusader friends, is the journey from NOWHERE to KNOWING. So buckle up, sit back, and enjoy the ride…

Live, love, learn & lead,

Angel Carlton



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